Rebellious Summer 5: Rocking White

Fat girls wear black. It’s slimming. Also, it helps us blend into the shadows. The better to hide from you, my dears.

Well, today I wore white. This gorgeous dress is from Maurice’s (my all time favorite clothing store) and has a very fun high-low play to it. Although it’s ankle length, it’s sheer to the knee. It’s cool and comfortable for these hot Arizona summers. Plus, it has gorgeous lace like detail. I did not blend into the shadows. I sashayed around work and then the mall feeling stunning!

Besides the confidence it gave me, I got more than my fair share of compliments on my outfit today. My favorite was from a woman I passed on the college campus where I work, who saw

me coming from 20 feet away, and repeated over and over, “Ooooo, I love that dress. I LOVE that dress. I LOVE THAT DRESS,” with increasing enthusiasm until we passed on the sidewalk. As we passed she exclaimed, “Ooowee! Work it!” That’s the way to build each other up, ladies!


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