You Might Be a Fashionista If….

Tonight I came to a realization. We were sneaking out of the house late, my daughter and I, for a Culver’s Frozen Custard run. We should have been in bed already. Certainly, we were dressed for it. I had already donned my black and white polka-dot nightgown. Adorable, yes…but appropriate for a late night drive through adventure? Probably not.

Any sane person would have changed into sweats or something rational.

Not me.

Without a thought, I accessorized. A cute jean jacket and matching black and white polka dot sandals and, ta-da!, my nightgown was a maxi dress.

I clearly have a problem. But do you? Here are some tell tale signs that you might be a little too concerned with your ensemble.

You Might Be a Fashionista If…..

  • Instead of changing out of your nightgown for the late night ice cream run, you accessorize.
  • You post more selfies on Facebook than pictures of the children.
  • #OOTD is your favorite hashtag….and you wonder why you’re limited to one per day.
  • You’re unable to keep yourself from joining stranger’s conversations after you hear them mention the name of your favorite clothing store.
  • People often approach you in thrift store dressing rooms where you’re presiding over your teenagers trying on the treasures you scoured the racks to find and exclaim, “You got all the cutest stuff!”

And speaking of dressing rooms, you might be a fashionista if…..

  • Every trip to Ross culminates in you giving beauty consultations in the dressing room to your fellow shoppers.
  • You answer a simple compliment on your outfit with a fashion dissertation, “O, thank you. This little ensemble is part of my blog series, ‘Rebellious Summer.’ You see, there’s all these fashion rules fat women are expected to follow and…”
  • You greet other well-dressed women like you’re part of some secret sorority, “Hey beautiful. Lookin’ good today. You better work!”
  • When house shopping you confess to your realtor that you really need that extra space, not for the kids, but because your wardrobe takes up a room of its own.
  • Your friends complain that they can never find cute clothes and you invite them to shop in your closet.

If those don’t ring any bells, you might be a fashionista if…

  • You regularly hand out unsolicited fashion advice.
  • You have more followers on your Pinterest Style board than people you actually know.
  • Late or not, you have to stop at Ross before the wedding because you’ve changed your mind about wearing these shoes with this dress.
  • When your lipstick and your manicure match your yoga pants.

And……the number one way to tell if you’re a fashionista……

  • When you’ve got more cute sweaters than there are days of sweater weather in a year!


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