Saguaro Blossoms

Whizzing north on the 17

Pandora blasting and the girls and I

screaming along

all tone-deaf enthusiasm 

shouting out the lyrics we know

and mumbling the rest

I’ve got one hand on the wheel

cruise control set to 79

It’s only Spring- late April

and the heat’s already

started falling down

on this hellish valley

It lends a little desperation

An anxious urgency

the exhilaration of escape

the thrill of running away

to our adventure up the mountain

towards the cool and the pines

Even the desert is celebrating

right along with us

all that sharp and thorny

gray-green and inhospitable

threatening, intimidating flora

has burst into bloom

We’re flying past

saguaro after saguaro

and those fat prickly things

formidable old maids

that nobody could love

are wearing white blooms

Encircling their heads 

like crowns, like wreaths

blossoms grace their outstretched arms

and I realize they’re all brides

even the saguaro has her day

to be lovely

To be loved



Photo Credit: Saguaro Silhouette in Bloom by Jon Wiley on Flickr


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