Interludes in 5/7/5


I sat myself down

Made a silly little list

‘Bout what I would do


If I had the time.

O and what all would I do

If I had the time?


Sprawl out on the porch

Soak in the warm honeyed light

Breeze stroking my cheek


Curl ‘top a cushion

Book in hand my only care

Feline- perfect ease


Drop down- bended knee

Talking, yes- mostly list’nin

Whisp’rin, “Beautiful”

Steal a Kiss

Press me close to you

Brush impatient lips on yours

Savor the promised


Swaying, bobbing beat

Royal- ruling this body:

Palm tree in fierce breeze


Wee ripple rising

Mirth a spreading thing like weed

Full grown, bursts brilliant


Emptied hands lifted

Face raised- soakin’ in glory

I hear, “You are mine.”

Walk the Dog

Only purpose- be

outside, sniff everything, pull

against too short leash

Afternoon Coffee

Sweet bulbous curve of

warm mug weighty on cupped hand

bitter-sweet relief


Enveloping hush

Broken by sole meeting stone

And deepening breath


Open door, hands, heart

Sweet refuge and healing place

Welcome here, broken 


Exhale emotion

Paint the past in gilded light

Record what should be

Find the Time

Cease endless running

Demand nothing-important

Be declared vital


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