Top 5 Reasons Why Yoga is Gonna Work Out For Me

  1. The majority of my 70 minute session was spent learning to sit, stand, or lay down correctly.
  2. Every time I did anything even slightly exerting my (virtual) instructor insisted I stop and be still until my “breathing returned to normal”-don’t mind if I do!
  3. My equipment consisted of a towel, a scarf, and a chair- minimal investment.
  4. I spent the last 20 minutes of my “workout” lying still on my mat with my eyes closed. In kindergarten we called that a nap, now I can pretend it’s exercise!
  5. Those blessed pants

Need motivation to work out that isn’t tied to a number on the scale? Check out an old favorite article, Well Rounded: Ten Reasons to Work Out That Have Nothing to Do With How Much Space You Occupy

Note: I originally posted this silly little list in 2013 on my Facebook page after my first few yoga sessions. Nowadays I do a lot more than lie around in yoga class! 🙂


Photo Credit: Yoga by distelfliege on flckr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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