In your presence, I count

     Profile lingered on hungrily

     Pretending not to feel

     Eyes tracing my face

          Hand never left empty for long

          Soon satisfied with yours

          Sweet sufficiency in touch

               Words let loose into the space between

               Received, considered, responded to

               Sweet communion of intercourse

                    Emotions ebb and flow, a lunar shift

                    You root deep down, an anchor

                    Unmoved, though caressed by tides  


In your absence, I count

     Time trailing off past the horizon

     Months, Weeks, Days, Hours

     Years left behind us like regrets

          Offenses forged from vapors and ashes

          Implications ripening into conclusions

          Ire a simpler thing than yearning

               Excuses heaped against transgressions

               Justifications for closing doors

               Rationalizations my one defense

                    Fears which percolate the emptiness

                    You leave in the wake of retreat

                    Multiplying in the darkness there


Photo Credit: Counting Seconds by Vincent Mumar on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

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