Run Away

Today was just one more day in a string
Of days full of responsibilities
Fulfilling expectations, like I should
Checking off obligations one by one
When the ever present niggle,
Little back-brain tickle daydream
Grew up in a hurry.
Fantasy to fascination to fixation.

I want to run away with you.
I need that sweet pleasure of only. Just. Nothing but

‘Cause I’m deep down achy bone weary
From forcing myself to focus
On day to day. Mundane. Important. Other than’s.
So much energy devoted to not you-ing.

The guard over my mouth has been wearing thin.
All those rushing, tumbling hopes.  Desire repressed. Unspoken truths.
Simmering up to my lips.
Let the pot boil over.

My hands are complaining ’bout pressing to my sides.
Restrained behind my back.
Clasped together in my lap
For moral support.
Begging for freedom to roam.
Open pasture.

And, O! O two rebellious lips
Weary with mandatory smiling and loneliness
Are poised to pose into a spoiled pout.
Whispering ’bout mutiny.

Photo Credit: Daydreaming by Leda Carter on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

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