been sittin’ waitin’ and wishin’ so long

i wonder if i’ve settled for make believe

like a black and white photo

of the impish little boy in a gray suitcoat,

sleeves swallowing up his hands,

she’s in a petti-coated dress,

that the mind paints in bright yellow

with a parasol and a grin

just playin’ at being in love

you sure feel real when we’re talkin’

and your voice fills my head

and you say all those right things

droppin’ hints ’bout forever

and it’s my cheeks gettin’ painted

all blush like the blossoms that

young casanova thrust at that sweet girl

but when the phone disconnects

the distance spreads out wide

and settles over me, thick, down, quilted

impractical love affair long on miles,

short on together, us, we, couple

full of hope, maybe, someday, later, when, if

almost like bein’ alone and

just playin’ at being in love


Photo Credit: Young Love by ClaraDon on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

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