Once Upon a Time

once upon a time

there was a princess

and she dropped her golden ball

into a pond

isn’t that how the story goes?

once upon a time

a manipulative amphibian

an opportunistic frog

offered help

in exchange for a kiss

once upon a time,

 so the story goes

the princess agreed

the frog fetched the ball

a kiss was exchanged

and the slimy creature

was transformed into

a prince, a PRINCE

that’s how the story goes

not one to believe in fairy tales

i taught my daughters young

not to trust in

once upon a time

don’t kiss the creature

jump into the pond

and grab your own damn ball

frogs, my dears,

never ever never

turn into princes,

   that’s how my story goes

and there have been lots and lots

dozens of frogs i’ve met

i meet them all the time

offering favors galore

in exchange for kisses

and i haven’t given them away

those precious kisses

i’ve held them tight

that’s been how my story goes

until i met a new one and

he’s a prince, a PRINCE

if i had a golden ball

i’d throw it deep into

the first lake i found

and cry just like

   once upon a time

i’d offer up all those kisses

i’ve been saving up for years

trade them all for a

little golden ball

or a handful of wild daisies

or a promise

but this prince

doesn’t require kisses

won’t even trade in kisses

not at all

    that’s how this story goes


Photo Credit: Like One of My Old Fairy Tales Books…<3 by Caitlyn Caity Tobias; used under Creative Commons License.

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