Saturday Morning

Sweet luxury of sleeping long past the hour that whining, buzzing, nagging alarm usually jerks me from dreams

Woken instead by a gentle shaft of sunlight sneaking through the blinds to tip-toe down my cheek

I stretch long and languid across my bed, feline, a creature with no responsibilities

Wiggle each toe in turn, salute to morning

What a gift, time, a rare and precious offering

Rising from bed, I draw my ratty flannel robe ’round me, and shuffle¬†towards the kitchen…

(Another present, coffee, already warm and rich in the pot!)

…and on to the living room to nest on the couch, admire the fog outside, and the sweet warmth inside

Of coffee, and robe, and pen


Photo Credit: Coffee Time by David Pacey on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.


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