Lucky Number?

Did you ever wonder what happens when math teachers try to write poetry? Wonder no more!


Lucky Number?


isn’t my lucky number.

Seven is complicated, undisciplined, impossible to predict.

Now ten, ten is mannerly and meek,

Sweet home-schooled child of the number family.

Ten perches properly in his seat, with one hand aloft,

Patiently waiting for you to take notice.

Ten slides into a sum,

doesn’t dally in a difference,

Produces perfect products

Quickly and quietly forms a quotient

Why, you may even raise 10 to a power,

He’ll courteously comply!

But 7, o 7.

Wily, unruly seven,

sore thumb to sums

difficulty of differences

persnickety product producer

quarrelsome in quotients.

No, 7’s not my lucky number.


Photo Credit: adapted from Seven by duncan c on Clickr; used under Creative Commons License.


  1. Well! Seven happens to be my number. But never looked at as persnickety or quarrelsome!
    Wonderful. And now that you say so ten does sound so well behaved.

    Liked by 1 person

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