Freedom’s To-Do List

For Summer, who said, “Write about poem about getting ready for camping”… though it should be admitted that she wanted it to rhyme. 

O, I’ve got lists.

To-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists.

Honey, please won’t you pick up a few dozen…

Don’t forget to swing by and grab…

Do we know anyone who could lend a lantern?

In frenzied anticipation of a whole different kind of


Thousands of unscheduled unspoken for moments. Check.

Dizzying freedom of untying the leash of cell service. Check.

Merry orange and blue fire-pit under swarm of stars. Check.

Warm jumbled breath of four unplugged teens heaped in a tent. Check.

Five a.m. coffee dates with sleeping bag, fuzzy socks, and sunrise. Check.

Easy rambling walks ’round a lake ringed in wildflowers. Check.

Teeth snapping through caramelized crust of toasted ‘mallow. Check.

Sprawling out to gaze at a moon so deep I fall into the sky. Check.

Photo Credit: Campfire by Elena Penkova on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

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