Tender-Fierce: A Poem for Lexi

To Lex-o, I would have written you a poem some day but a birthday calls for rush delivery.


You turned fifteen yesterday, caught in cusp, our bitter-sweet, our tender-fierce

Amidst the giggles of sisters, born and borrowed, surrounding you, tender-fierce.


You growl, chest deep and throaty, warning this agressive world, leave me be

Spin about with a blink, bury your head in my shoulder and purr, tender-fierce.


Manic, you surge ’round the room, howling out the angry anthem in your ear

Then a new song overtakes you, light, crooning serenade, tender-fierce.


You boast big that nothing bothers you, skin an invulnerable leather hide

So we let our eyes slide over your tear-streaked cheek, gift to tender-fierce.


Wide eyes, lit with icy blue fire, a waterfall frozen bright as winter morning, poised

To crash against earth, or melt slowly through spring, trickle to flood, tender-fierce.


You flung me a challenge, precarious wall of teasing built upon deep foundation of hope,

Bold beggar, in front of them all, write a poem for me, Kate. As you wish, tender-fierce.


Photo Credit: Frozen Waterfall by Marcos Reyes on Flickr; used under Creative Commons license.




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