Phoenix Girl

My storybook changeling, aching for flight’s freedom

You wish for fairy’s wings

Turnabout and dream of the sea’s cool embrace

’round a silver-scaled tail.

Yet, neither wind nor water has quenched your

coals of innate soul-fire

Phoenix girl born from the smoldering ashes

of a mother’s final flame

Lips the color of blood smeared across a child’s

wide-eyed open face

Flitting from passion to passion, consuming

each in a burst of heat

Grafittied arms stretch out, clasp tight to draw

the lost in fierce embrace

Joy and rage, fury and glee spark off your lips

Sending embers into night

My tight smile aches with restrained warnings

Measured out so gingerly

Be deliberate, my love, choose well the tinder you

sacrifice to your glow

Will you be a merry blaze, warm and bright,

or a consuming inferno?


Photo Credit: Fire by hans.emtenas on Flickr; used under Creative Commons license.



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