Something to Celebrate!

WordPress sent me a little congrats this week- it seems I have hit the one year mark for my blog.

WP Badge

For a woman known for her strong starts and little to no follow-through, this is a serious accomplishment.

In one year, I’ve been so blessed by this platform from which to share my writing.

I’ve published 98 posts, had 6,034 views on those posts, and gained 146 followers. What a God-thing for this girl, who’s started 5 blogs before this and let them all fizzle out within a few posts. The queen of chapter one’s; I’ve never managed a chapter two before now.

To celebrate, I present my five most popular posts, and my five personal favorites from this year. If you haven’t had a chance already, I hope you’ll check them out!

Your Top 5

  1. You Can’t Sit Here– A true tale of never quite belonging.
  2. Dear Mililani Boys– What power in responding to your bullies- even decades later!
  3. O, Ku’uipo– A plea for restoration from an outsider.
  4. An Open Letter to Beth Moore– Part plea, part writer’s testimony. I penned this one to beg author Beth Moore to open up a writers conference for more attendees. I didn’t know God would use it in a mighty way! She and her team responded by offering me a full scholarship to the Lit conference, an oppurtunity that changed my life.
  5. Dear Women of the Church– My heartfelt apology to the women I have spent 14 years fearing instead of loving

My Top 5

  1. Whom Shall I Fear?- The terrifying tale of the time I braved one of my biggest fears. And didn’t die. Though I did cry. A bunch.
  2. A Softer Shade of Red– The raw and unfiltered testimony of how God has calmed my inner storms.
  3. Saguaro Blossoms– Of all the poetry I’ve ever written (tons, most of it unfit for human consumption), this was by far my favorite. I can’t pass a saguaro anymore without eagerly scanning for blossoms.
  4. Let Me Call Me Fat– How I won’t let one little word destroy me anymore.
  5. Finding My Fat Girl Flow– Part memoir of a fat girl’s journey to love her body, part victory cry. What a joy to write about this personal triumph!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for taking the time to read, like and comment on my posts! Without you all, I’d just be a girl writing in her electronic journal. Here’s to another year of faithfulness! Here’s to Chapter Two!


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