Four Generations

Four women lean in, a tight circle of Grulich Women

The youngest 8 months, the eldest 86 years

Each face an age progression of the one before

Paired with that glowing milky Grulich skin

We are an advertisement for Pond’s beauty cream

Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Great grandmother

Women who kiss foreheads and murmur gracious compliments

Four sharp nubbed noses and jutting chins

Strong women, who pick up the pieces left behind

Four pairs of cornflower eyes winking up at the camera

Women who don’t cry, even when they’re left alone

Four toothy smiles balling up four sets of cheeks

Women who laugh at the days to come


If I close my eyes, I can see another picture,

A trio of gentlemen, three un-lost generations ’round the child

A somber, iron haired great-grandfather with knotty hands

Healthy enough to travel cross-country to meet his first great grand-child

A salt and pepper grandfather with a neat mustache and

Sinewy olive fingers that cradle a grandchild instead of dialing long distance

A lean, brown faceless father aglint with a golden ring and pride

Face alight at the sight of his first born

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