Useless Nails

I press write

peck out a few lines

with these useless nails, now three weeks overgrown

that we’ve been laughing about since the wedding

the wedding only 18 days ago

since you and me

became we

the two one flesh

and already I’m alone

and back to feeling like it was all just pretend

was it all just pretend?

18 days of marriage

and I know

and you know

that I’m just being melodramatic

(as usual)

because it’s just for a few days

not a lifetime

that you’re gone

you’ll be back Saturday night

and I’ll hold you in my arms again

and run these stupid nails

through the carpet on your chest

and smile at the contrast

of French manicure

against dark curls

kiss your lips

and purr out “handsome”

tonight though,

I press write and peck out a few lines

Then hold down the delete key

because there’s nothing to say

without you


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