Do You Live in a Friendly City?

Are you only friendly to those like you- in your social sphere, cultural group, or economic class? Jesus loved the outsider, the foreigner, and the outcast. Let’s step it up, Church!

Heather Bock

Do You Live in a Friendly City-

by Heather Bock

I was teaching my adult English as a Second Language class the language of comparison and contrast, and the teacher’s book suggested the students compare the town in which they were raised in their home country with the town in which they now reside. I liked the idea, so I started a Venn diagram on the white board—you know, those two big circles intertwined in the middle. All the students were from Mexico, so although each of their cities were unique, I knew I could start the task with them in a general way so they would get the idea of how to complete the assignment. I began eliciting comparisons and contrasts. When their ideas began to wane, I suggested, “Well, the people here are friendly. Were they friendly in your old town?” This seemed like a no-brainer to me. Since moving to this small city in…

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