The Poem That Almost Wasn’t


Slipped away


As today always does

In a blur of to-do’s

Lost moments steadily dripping

(Coins from my pocket)

Sliding ‘neath the couch cushions of

My overstuffed life

  • I to-did
  • coffee sippin’ and bible readin’, cloaked in bathrobe
  • picking up and dropping off
  • writing lists and (even better) crossing off
  • negotiations with my darling teenage terrorists and kisses stolen from their father
  • the “real” job and the side hustle
  • how do you do’s and how have you been’s
  • some minor defeats and a major triumph

And, honestly,

As I yawned and stretched and powered down

I almost forget

The first thing I wanted



The first item

On my favorite to-do list

  • NaPoWriMo
  • Day 1
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