Sand Castles

I know the taste of
accidental mouths full of ocean
and stolen gasps of fresh sweet air
when a head breaks the surface;
Salty snap of new life
feasting on the death of old;
Swallowing burning breaths
so full and sharp,
powerful and heady,
tears well in up my eyes
sympathetic to my nose.

Nestled in the cove of the
curved back of Alligator Rock,
there were only three:
Kaya and Ruby and ma.
Hosting tea parties for opihi
perched cross-legged in the limu
on the ocean floor.

Now six sisters sit on the shore
Kaya and Ruby;
Summer and Lexi;
Bret and Alli;
both mom and dad.

We are building our castle
constructed of sand
(worn down rubble
of yesterday’s corals),
beach glass (stained clouded
beauty of time on jagged edges),
and waves (rush and run washing
over us in rivulets).

A castle of one billion two grains
raised by 80 fingers,
learning to unfold,
release the rubble;
sculpted smooth by 16 hands,
choosing to build instead of tear down;
embellished by the sharp edged shards
of eight seashell hearts.

The grit is pervasive,
wedged ‘neath our fingernails,
chafing in the delicate patches
between our toes,
backs of knees,
and bends of elbows.

This same grit that blurs
the differences between siblings;
transforming into a sun-bronzed,
sand-speckled, golden streaked tribe
of gypsy hippie fairy beachlings.

Voices rise and fall,
tinkle and chime
in soprano imitation of
the constant rumble and bellow
of conversation
between wind and waves;
and I feast on rich
tangy mouthfuls of sunlight.

We are destroying our castle.
One billion two grains,
Clawed apart by 80 fingers,
clenched in fists,
clinging to rubble;
Worn rugged by 16 hands,
Choosing to tear down instead of build;
Blemished by the sharp edged shards
of eight seashell hearts.

We will soon be waves.
When we tear down and build up.
We will dredge the ocean floor,
rousing the deep,
and cast the rubble on the shore,
then how high and strong
the silty walls of our castle will grow.

person standing near sand castle
Photo by Gerardo Ramones on

#NaPoWriMo Day 5

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