avocado jello (NaPoWriMo 1)

A poem in celebration of NaPoWriMo 2021, Day 1, April 1, 2021. I know it’s not my usual style, but I had fun with the “out of my comfort zone” prompt for today, to write a poem inspired by this song and video.

avocado jello

walking into spring

full and fat

as accordion squeeze

as avocado jello

bathed in the blooming blush

of flirting with a staccato tenor

groovin’ swayin’

tickle those keys

saxophone steppin’ on a kitty’s tail

simplistic little backbeat

of the 8th grade band concert

all hopped up on an audience and an evening out

hit hit hit hit hit hitttttttt it

scattin’ jazzin’ feeling free real loose

like eating buttered toast with marmalade

in an underwater amphitheater

serenaded by crustaceans on the tuba

newness invades

with an abalone grip on my heart

raise up, tear down, grow and die

don’t stop working just ’cause the world goes round

Your song hit three little bones

and a nerve

i’ve got the whole world in my hands

sittin’ in His hand

original fireworks from the face of adam and

paisley gourds beat out an ancient rhythm

my little kingdom

expands and contracts, a brief heartbeat in history


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