NaPoWriMo 3: In Response to Ruin, I,

a silver birch, expanded
pregnant with protection
a swelling of accordion strata.
I enrobed yesterday in a
broad, intricate burl
-weighty as skipping stones of regret
-gnarled as locks loosed by abandon's winds
-sure as shame's lichen grip on a face of shale. 
You arrived,
tender restraint and reticence,
working on wood.  
I released
-cross cut by the razor edge
of your collar bone
revealing my residual whirls;
grit and grain
exposed now to sun's rays
-lacquered by the warmth
radiating from your palms
-burnished into 
Image from Gardener’s Path

It took me all day, but this poem was inspired by the NaPoWriMo Day 3 challenge to create a “personal universe deck” of 100 words. The words I drew from my deck were “burl”, “clavicle”, “yesterday”, “ruin”, and “striate”.


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