NaPoWriMo Day 4: Windows

Day 4’s prompt for NaPoWriMo asked us to check out Liminal Bots Twitter photo gallery of abandoned places. I let (made the mistake of?) letting my daughter pick the photo I would use from Liminal Spaces, and she chose this gem. Who isn’t inspired to poetry by old school computer labs?

Your cutting edge has dulled,
worn by the frantic
hunting and pecking
of a generation
practicing Windows
while gazing out 
classroom windows
at the wild green world
O but nowadays
they carry universes
in their pockets. 
Got a new
windows with screens 
if cracked,
They keep their
children safe
away from classrooms-
behind shuttered windows-
sprawled on beds, 
blinking in the blue light
cast by a screen-
school through a window-
wrestling with


  1. Really like this and good on your daughter for picking such a rich image. Maybe cut a few words? I think oh but now they carry whole universes in their pockets might read better?


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