NaPoWriMo 9: To-Dah!

I know it’s technically day 10 of NaPoWriMo, but I never finished my to-do list poem from day 9 because I had way too much to-do. It challenged us to make a poem out of a to-do list, which is actually a favorite game of mine (see here, here, here, and my, favorite here)– probably because of how big of a role to-do lists play in my hectic life. It seems especially fitting considering the memory I shared just yesterday on Facebook. What is with me and to-do lists, anyway!?!

To Do:

[] Sift through teetering heap of cast off to-do lists to recall items you've yet to-do
[] Make new to-do list, prioritizing the old items; to-do today. For real. Today is the day
[] Highlight them; that might help
[] Add the seventeen latest tasks you promised to-do today
[] Breathe
[] Don't panic. You can totally to-do this. Really
[] I mean it; breathe
[] Add "wake up", "have coffee", and "eat breakfast" to to-do list
[] Cross them off
[] Wander off to water the plants
[] Thoroughly soak rose bushes; you read somewhere once that they need deep watering
[] Force yourself to abandon the sunshine in order to return to your slave driver of a to-do list
[] Just-check-your-emails-real-quick
[] Add three pressing chores introduced in emails to to-do list
[] Glare at to-do list to intimidate it
[] Look for item on list that with take less then 10 minutes to-do
[] Find nothing; you already crossed off "wake up", "have coffee", and "eat breakfast"
[] Add "water plants" and "check emails" to to-do list
[] Cross them off
[] Admire all you've to-done! Those are some sweet cross offs you've got there
[] Reprioritize list by choosing five vital items to-do and numbering them
[] Circle them for motivation
[] Compute percentage of items on to-do list that are crossed off
[] Bargain with yourself that you may have lunch after completing 50%
[] Accomplish #4
[] Cross off #4 with vim and verve
[] Take a break to write your poem for NaPoWriMo
[] Ponder on prompt
[] Write. Backspace. Write. Delete. Write. Rewrite. 
[] Edit
[] ONo!IsThatTheSoundOfHusbandsCarInTheDrive?!?
[] Abandon to-do list; time to make dinner. 
[] Repeat again tomorrow.


And yes, in case you were wondering, this poem was on my to-do list! Check!

The mother of all to-do lists


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