Just Like My Mother…

“You’re just like your mother.” I’ve heard that curse thrown at many a woman, and never as a compliment. Just like your mother. The implication? Critical. Nagging. Sharp-tongued. Impossible to please. But the phrase always gave me hope. If all women eventually transform into images of their moms, I was seriously in luck! Nancy Smerdell is one… Continue reading Just Like My Mother…

Tender-Fierce: A Poem for Lexi

To Lex-o, I would have written you a poem some day but a birthday calls for rush delivery.   You turned fifteen yesterday, caught in cusp, our bitter-sweet, our tender-fierce Amidst the giggles of sisters, born and borrowed, surrounding you, tender-fierce.   You growl, chest deep and throaty, warning this agressive world, leave me be… Continue reading Tender-Fierce: A Poem for Lexi

Teenage Daughter Bop

Listen! Crying in the kitchen and hollering in the hall Eight eyes rolling up so sharply, irises get lost Deep dramatic sighs of simmering discontent Mix with muttered murmurs of imminent mutiny From the other side of the house, a door slams Knocking the picture frames and our smiles askew Teenage daughters, my four darling divas,… Continue reading Teenage Daughter Bop

Do Not Send Us Up from Here: a Guest Post by Kate Redmon

Originally posted on Glimpses of Jesus:
 A month and a half ago, I attended an amazing conference put on by Living Proof Ministries called LIT, for women in their 20s and 30s with a passion to be Christian communicators. A month before the conference, thinking about how fast the tickets sold out in the first…


I live in a household of women. Between myself and my four teenage daughters, we get caught in a crossfire of hurt feelings rather frequently. Someone, it seems, is always offended by a sister or two. She borrowed my shoes without asking; they’re not watching the movie I wanted; she got new jeans when I… Continue reading Unoffendable

Fifteen Pounds in a Five Pound Sack

Ask me how I’m doing or how I’ve been and, nine time out of ten, my only answer is busy. Busy. I am always busy. Want to have coffee? Let me check my schedule. How about the third Wednesday of February between 4:15 and 4:45? O….no? Doesn’t work for you? Let me check March. Between… Continue reading Fifteen Pounds in a Five Pound Sack