Something to Celebrate!

WordPress sent me a little congrats this week- it seems I have hit the one year mark for my blog. For a woman known for her strong starts and little to no follow-through, this is a serious accomplishment. In one year, I’ve been so blessed by this platform from which to share my writing. I’ve… Continue reading Something to Celebrate!

Phoenix Girl

My storybook changeling, aching for flight’s freedom You wish for fairy’s wings Turnabout and dream of the sea’s cool embrace ’round a silver-scaled tail. Yet, neither wind nor water has quenched your coals of innate soul-fire Phoenix girl born from the smoldering ashes of a mother’s final flame Lips the color of blood smeared across… Continue reading Phoenix Girl

Tender-Fierce: A Poem for Lexi

To Lex-o, I would have written you a poem some day but a birthday calls for rush delivery.   You turned fifteen yesterday, caught in cusp, our bitter-sweet, our tender-fierce Amidst the giggles of sisters, born and borrowed, surrounding you, tender-fierce.   You growl, chest deep and throaty, warning this agressive world, leave me be… Continue reading Tender-Fierce: A Poem for Lexi