Lucky Number?

Did you ever wonder what happens when math teachers try to write poetry? Wonder no more!   Lucky Number? Seven isn’t my lucky number. Seven is complicated, undisciplined, impossible to predict. Now ten, ten is mannerly and meek, Sweet home-schooled child of the number family. Ten perches properly in his seat, with one hand aloft,… Continue reading Lucky Number?

What is a Poem?

It’s NaPoWriMo, I explained, National Poetry Writing Month The challenge is to write a poem Each day throughout April We’re currently accepting poetry Submissions for our school blog Then transitioned right to comparing fractions As the numerator increases… As the denominator increases… To a sea of incredulous and apathetic faces Instantly the mood transitioned, murky to… Continue reading What is a Poem?

Things Mason Brilliant Likes

Originally posted on Things We Like:
Going for a long walk in the middle of a sunny day listening to my YouTube favorites list Eating a bacon-topped pizza while watching Iron Fist Playing as my all-time favorite character, Roadhog, on a video game called “Overwatch” Rhyming and freestyle rapping when I am by myself Going…


I live in a household of women. Between myself and my four teenage daughters, we get caught in a crossfire of hurt feelings rather frequently. Someone, it seems, is always offended by a sister or two. She borrowed my shoes without asking; they’re not watching the movie I wanted; she got new jeans when I… Continue reading Unoffendable

Mathematical Reasoning Cannot Be Taught: A Cautionary Tale

“How idiotic to require education students to take this class!” spat professor Guerzhoy, “This type of reasoning cannot be taught. Either you are a mathematician or you aren’t.” The four other education majors in the class seemed to shrink further into themselves, a pitiful island of students huddled against the far left wall of the classroom. I tried not to blink. I… Continue reading Mathematical Reasoning Cannot Be Taught: A Cautionary Tale

Highly Qualified to Raise Daughters

Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of looking for a job in the teaching field in the U.S. lately knows that K-12 teachers nowadays are expected to be “highly qualified.” Highly qualified is a term that got coined in the No Child Left Behind legislation fifteen years ago and it is defined using three qualifications:… Continue reading Highly Qualified to Raise Daughters