Interludes in 5/7/5

List I sat myself down Made a silly little list ‘Bout what I would do Time If I had the time. O and what all would I do If I had the time? Be Sprawl out on the porch Soak in the warm honeyed light Breeze stroking my cheek Read Curl ‘top a cushion Book… Continue reading Interludes in 5/7/5


Facebook was just what I needed at that dark point. I had access to a pool of friends that spanned every life stage I had been through. There was always someone on to “like” or comment on my post, always someone listening. Somehow the public nature of Facebook felt safer than the intimacy of real conversations and I became brave enough to hint there about the struggles I was going through.

What Grandma Would Have Wanted 

It is beautiful this thing that we call family. It is something better and stronger than the sum of its parts, yet somehow fragile. It is my grandmother’s legacy and my mother’s joy and someday it will be my responsibility to tend to.

Finding My Fat Girl Flow

This summer has been a time of physical triumphs for me. Believe me when I say that victories of this variety are few and far between in my world. I am a woman who excels in the work place. I shine in a classroom. I am comfortable on a stage. I can get strangers belly… Continue reading Finding My Fat Girl Flow