I was not Beautiful Yesterday

I was not beautiful yesterday. The sullen face staring back at me from the mirror was ruddy, puffy, and jowly. My arms were too fleshy, my thighs too bumpy, and my stomach was altogether too domed. Despite the fact that the camera got fixed, there were no selfies yesterday. Though I had plenty of time… Continue reading I was not Beautiful Yesterday

A Letter to My Mother

Dear Mom, We went out last night, the six of us, to celebrate Mother’s Day early. You, your three daughters, and two of your grand-daughters. Three generations of beautiful, powerful, strong and glorious women. There you were surrounded by women who had learned from you to smile at the world, to love fiercely, to forgive… Continue reading A Letter to My Mother

Talking Back

Ladies, we need to learn to talk back. No, not to our bosses, friends, or families. We need to learn to talk back to the mirror. I came to this realization about 2 years ago. I was gazing at my reflection- again. I was in a state of semi-undress, pre-shower, and, as usual, glaring at… Continue reading Talking Back

Don’t Wait Until You’re Thin

Don’t Wait Until You’re Thin to Be Beautiful A large portion of my life has been spent on hold, just waiting for something to occur. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sure, we wait in lines, wait for that upcoming vacation, or wait for a package in the mail, but that’s not quite the… Continue reading Don’t Wait Until You’re Thin