The Things We Don’t Talk About

I have never had a proper filter on my mouth. As a¬†speak-now-deal-with-the-consequences-of-your-speech-later kind of girl, I have a tendency to make people uncomfortable. As a young child in the middle of my parents’ divorce, I frankly informed the principle of my school, Sister Carmelita, who also happened to be my mother’s former boss, that my… Continue reading The Things We Don’t Talk About

Saguaro Blossoms

Whizzing north on the 17 Pandora blasting and the girls and I screaming along all tone-deaf enthusiasm¬† shouting out the lyrics we know and mumbling the rest I’ve got one hand on the wheel cruise control set to 79 It’s only Spring- late April and the heat’s already started falling down on this hellish valley… Continue reading Saguaro Blossoms