Phoenix Girl

My storybook changeling, aching for flight’s freedom You wish for fairy’s wings Turnabout and dream of the sea’s cool embrace ’round a silver-scaled tail. Yet, neither wind nor water has quenched your coals of innate soul-fire Phoenix girl born from the smoldering ashes of a mother’s final flame Lips the color of blood smeared across… Continue reading Phoenix Girl

A Softer Shade of Red

At 18, living alone in a new city, there was a day I decided to wear only red. The color would be my brand, my hallmark, my calling card. In a strange new place, where I was as of yet anonymous, I could choose to become anyone, anything. I chose red. I visited dozens of… Continue reading A Softer Shade of Red

There Was a Day

There was a day A day she began To crave the destruction Of hands raised in fury Of jagged edged words Of nostrils flaring over thin lips   There was a day A day she decided To never let herself be pretty Old men creep, searching for pretty Cast kisses in basement rooms Grope with knotted blue hands… Continue reading There Was a Day