This is Only a Drill

I love swim class. Really. When I walk into class and see “100 easy, 300 kick/pull/swim, 50 scull, 50 seated breast pull” scrawled on the board, I cheer. I’ll do dolphin kick for days. I’m totally content practicing breast stroke all class. I’ll earnestly work on my back stroke for an hour. There’s only one… Continue reading This is Only a Drill

Ten Things to do on a Gray Friday in January

1. Eat partially congealed pistachio pudding straight from the mixing bowl with the spatula you stirred it with. 2. Steal your husband’s sweatpants, the pair with grease stains on the right knee and shot elastic. The ones you unsuccessfully tried to get him to throw away last spring. 3. Watch Jerry Springer videos on Youtube.… Continue reading Ten Things to do on a Gray Friday in January

Making Chipatis

Saturday evenings, I pull into the driveway and lay on the horn Summoned by the sound, four teenagers unfurl too slowly from beneath their laptops Drag leaden limbs out through the garage to haul bags of groceries from the trunk To the kitchen counter,¬†where each item is unpacked, appraised and rotated into The fridge, broad… Continue reading Making Chipatis