An Open Letter to the GED Graduate

There is a very common and very real enemy of adult education students. An enemy that doesn’t want them to succeed. One that whispers lies to sabotage them.


What is a Poem?

It’s NaPoWriMo, I explained, National Poetry Writing Month The challenge is to write a poem Each day throughout April We’re currently accepting poetry Submissions forĀ our school blog Then transitioned right to comparing fractions As the numerator increases… As the denominator increases… To a sea of incredulous and apathetic faces Instantly the mood transitioned, murky to… Continue reading What is a Poem?

Things Mason Brilliant Likes

Originally posted on Things We Like:
Going for a long walk in the middle of a sunny day listening to my YouTube favorites list Eating a bacon-topped pizza while watching Iron Fist Playing as my all-time favorite character, Roadhog, on a video game called “Overwatch” Rhyming and freestyle rapping when I am by myself Going…


I live in a household of women. Between myself and my four teenage daughters, we get caught in a crossfire of hurt feelings rather frequently. Someone, it seems, is always offended by a sister or two. She borrowed my shoes without asking; they’re not watching the movie I wanted; she got new jeans when I… Continue reading Unoffendable