Strengthen Your Sister

“Why did God let me go through all this? How could he use this ugliness?” That was the plaintive question of one woman I spoke to a few weeks ago. Alcoholism, homelessness, drug addiction, death of a child, broken relationships- her life before Christ was a mess. Even now she was haunted by the consequences,… Continue reading Strengthen Your Sister

A Softer Shade of Red

At 18, living alone in a new city, there was a day I decided to wear only red. The color would be my brand, my hallmark, my calling card. In a strange new place, where I was as of yet anonymous, I could choose to become anyone, anything. I chose red. I visited dozens of… Continue reading A Softer Shade of Red


I live in a household of women. Between myself and my four teenage daughters, we get caught in a crossfire of hurt feelings rather frequently. Someone, it seems, is always offended by a sister or two. She borrowed my shoes without asking; they’re not watching the movie I wanted; she got new jeans when I… Continue reading Unoffendable

Fifteen Pounds in a Five Pound Sack

Ask me how I’m doing or how I’ve been and, nine time out of ten, my only answer is busy. Busy. I am always busy. Want to have coffee? Let me check my schedule. How about the third Wednesday of February between 4:15 and 4:45? O….no? Doesn’t work for you? Let me check March. Between… Continue reading Fifteen Pounds in a Five Pound Sack