O, Ku`uipo

O, Ku`uipo, you ask me if I understand the root of Hawaiian fury `Ae, I understand O yes My chant may be less melodious, harsher to your ears but the kaona remains the same I stand, shoulders squared, hands on hips defying every connotation tied to haole Only to drop my eyes in shame, fearing… Continue reading O, Ku`uipo

Dear Mililani Boys

Dear Mililani Boys, You lied to me. You told me that I was ugly. Monstrous, the way I stood head and shoulders above the other girls, Japanese or Filipino girls, 5’2″ in their stacked slippers. My hips and breasts and thighs were deformities you mocked starting in elementary school. Branded with pale skin, you told… Continue reading Dear Mililani Boys