Just Like My Mother…

“You’re just like your mother.” I’ve heard that curse thrown at many a woman, and never as a compliment. Just like your mother. The implication? Critical. Nagging. Sharp-tongued. Impossible to please. But the phrase always gave me hope. If all women eventually transform into images of their moms, I was seriously in luck! Nancy Smerdell is one… Continue reading Just Like My Mother…

Something to Celebrate!

WordPress sent me a little congrats this week- it seems I have hit the one year mark for my blog. For a woman known for her strong starts and little to no follow-through, this is a serious accomplishment. In one year, I’ve been so blessed by this platform from which to share my writing. I’ve… Continue reading Something to Celebrate!

Freedom’s To-Do List

For Summer, who said, “Write about poem about getting ready for camping”… though it should be admitted that she wanted it to rhyme.  O, I’ve got lists. To-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists. Honey, please won’t you pick up a few dozen… Don’t forget to swing by and grab… Do we know anyone who could… Continue reading Freedom’s To-Do List

Things Kate Redmon Likes

Originally posted on Things We Like:
The rich combination of warm sunshine and cool breeze on bare shoulders Riots of fuchsia bougainvillea blossoms on overgrown shrubs Sharp-witted wordplay The heady smell of plumeria that envelops the senses when stepping off the plane at the Honolulu Airport When my pinochle partner passes just the cards I need…

Top 5 Reasons Why Yoga is Gonna Work Out For Me

The majority of my 70 minute session was spent learning to sit, stand, or lay down correctly. Every time I did anything even slightly exerting my (virtual) instructor insisted I stop and be still until my “breathing returned to normal”-don’t mind if I do! My equipment consisted of a towel, a scarf, and a chair-… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons Why Yoga is Gonna Work Out For Me

Interludes in 5/7/5

List I sat myself down Made a silly little list ‘Bout what I would do Time If I had the time. O and what all would I do If I had the time? Be Sprawl out on the porch Soak in the warm honeyed light Breeze stroking my cheek Read Curl ‘top a cushion Book… Continue reading Interludes in 5/7/5