Dear Women of the Church

Dear Women of the Church, I owe you an apology. I have sinned against you and I am sorry. Ladies, I have been called to love you and I have failed. Instead, I have idolized you. I have typecast you. I have oversimplified you. Mostly, I have feared you. For the entirety of my fourteen… Continue reading Dear Women of the Church

My Forgotten Kabocha: A Love Story Gone Awry

I have a thing for gorgeous vegetables. Seriously.      Now this isn’t some twisted fetish like the Ala Carte Professor at the Culinary School I attended had; he walked around showing select female students his album full of pictures of carrots he had grown shaped liked genitalia. No, I don’t go that far. Still… Continue reading My Forgotten Kabocha: A Love Story Gone Awry


been sittin’ waitin’ and wishin’ so long i wonder if i’ve settled for make believe like a black and white photo of the impish little boy in a gray suitcoat, sleeves swallowing up his hands, she’s in a petti-coated dress, that the mind paints in bright yellow with a parasol and a grin just playin’… Continue reading Playin’