You Can’t Sit Here: 20 Years Later

For eight months, I’ve had this post saved in my drafts on WordPress. For eight months all it has consisted of is a title “You Can’t Sit Here” and the phrase “Ivy and Sasha” in the body of the blog. For eight months, I’ve gone right past this blog draft on my way to write… Continue reading You Can’t Sit Here: 20 Years Later

Dear Mililani Boys

Dear Mililani Boys, You lied to me. You told me that I was ugly. Monstrous, the way I stood head and shoulders above the other girls, Japanese or Filipino girls, 5’2″ in their stacked slippers. My hips and breasts and thighs were deformities you mocked starting in elementary school. Branded with pale skin, you told… Continue reading Dear Mililani Boys