The Biggest Girl in the Room

Five Things I Should Have Learned in Kindergarten (But didn’t figure out until I was in my 30’s) Part 4 The Fourth Thing: It’s okay to be the biggest girl in the room. At most gatherings, I’m the largest female. This is not new for me. I’ve been a big girl since birth. I came… Continue reading The Biggest Girl in the Room

The Way Men Look at Us

It happens all the time when I’m teaching, whether I’m tutoring across a table at the library, standing at the front of a crowded classroom, or crouching over to help a student navigate those tricky waters of adding fractions. A male student will suddenly develop a wandering eye. Their eyes will flicker from my face… Continue reading The Way Men Look at Us

Talking Back

Ladies, we need to learn to talk back. No, not to our bosses, friends, or families. We need to learn to talk back to the mirror. I came to this realization about 2 years ago. I was gazing at my reflection- again. I was in a state of semi-undress, pre-shower, and, as usual, glaring at… Continue reading Talking Back