In Defense of Evil Stepmoms

Better a serpent than a stepmother! -Euripides I know there’s a few of you (about two really) who have noticed the relative quiet on my blog- just a poem and a brief life update in the last few weeks- and have begun to wonder. “What,” you are thinking by now, “aspect of life is she… Continue reading In Defense of Evil Stepmoms

The Things We Don’t Talk About

I have never had a proper filter on my mouth. As a┬áspeak-now-deal-with-the-consequences-of-your-speech-later kind of girl, I have a tendency to make people uncomfortable. As a young child in the middle of my parents’ divorce, I frankly informed the principle of my school, Sister Carmelita, who also happened to be my mother’s former boss, that my… Continue reading The Things We Don’t Talk About