After the Silence

141 days tiptoed past my shuttered window undetected their spun cotton gait a mirror of my reticence   When darkness pressed, worry devoured my muse relentless words withered off each fingertip, scattered petals   3,384 silent hours slid, sleek and stealthy unrecorded formless and void without frame of language   When the churning tides of… Continue reading After the Silence

Interludes in 5/7/5

List I sat myself down Made a silly little list ‘Bout what I would do Time If I had the time. O and what all would I do If I had the time? Be Sprawl out on the porch Soak in the warm honeyed light Breeze stroking my cheek Read Curl ‘top a cushion Book… Continue reading Interludes in 5/7/5